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Bronze Collection 2

2014-2015 ; 2012-2013 ; 2011 ; 2010 ; 2008-2009 ; 2006-2007 ; 2004-2005 ; 2001-2003 ; Gallery 1 ; Gallery 3 ; Gallery 4

Bronze Cougar Sculpture
Cat Walk

Bronze Whiptail Lizard in Bowl Sculpture

Whiptail Scuttle

Bronze Rose Sculpture

By Any Other Name

Bronze Chickadee Sculpture
Bright Spot

Bronze Humpback Whale Sculpture
Majestic Presents


Bronze Rose on Doily Sculpture

Bronze Snow Shoe Hare Sculpture


Bronze Sea Turtle Sculpture

Bon Voyage

Bronze Gray Squirrel Sculpture

Bronze Harris Hawk Sculpture
Sky Wolf

Bronze Wolf Sculpture
Lobo Solo
Bronze Lop-eared Rabbit Sculpture
Lop Sided

Bronze Cardinal Sculpture
Primary Colors

Bronze Bald Eagle Sculpture

Bronze Chili Peppers Sculpture

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